Enjoying the process, loving the outcome!

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After making many different things the creations that sit behind the individual boxes below have a real affinity with me.   Essentially they hit the spot where you are happy to make them, they don’t become a chore when you need to create more and they make me smile through every step of the process.

That happy process means the piece you choose, whether for you or another,  has been made from the heart, with individual care and attention.  That happiness is then shared in your choosen piece.


The perfect, simple, yet beautifully quirky character to gift to you BFF, a loved one or you.


The Messengers

Show someone your thoughts by sending a personalised message, written on a scroll hidden in your choosen Messenger.


I paint for the enjoyment.  I love the process and look forward to the outcome!


yama glama

What’s not to love about a llama, gentle, shy, curious.  Calm in nature & has common sense.  Sounds a bit like me…LOL!

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Featured Product

Buddies are my hand crafted big nosed folk.  They are extremely tactile, a perfect weight and beautiful to hold.  They are formed from my own hand. Each carries a simple handpainted message on the front designed to be shared with your BFF, loved one, or simply awarded to you,  for no other reason,  than loving yourself;  a big must in today’s world.

Each Buddie sits approximately 8 cm tall, 2cm wide.  They are made, bisque fired, handpainted, decorated and then kiln fired.


A daily dose is good for me…..and you!

A little bit on Jess.

I love nature, particularly mountains & water.  I’m more of a dappled sun seeker then a full on soaking up the rays.  I enjoy classical music when creating, swapping to something  more upbeat when my pieces are moving towards the finish line.

I am calm, relaxed and easy going, although like everyone I have my little peculiarities!

Everything I make is handmade with love, time and energy.

I wouldn’t feature anything here that I wouldn’t be happy to keep myself or gift.

I Deliver and Ship all over the Country!

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