Enjoying the process, loving the outcome!

My Pieces

 I run a creative arts & crafts venue where I live so I am super lucky to be able to enjoy creativity every day.  When I am not running the venue you will likely find me in my home studio, loving nicknamed “The Shed”.

Inside “The Shed” I simply enjoy being creative. For me its the process rather than the outcome. If something comes out well; “yippeee do”. I am constantly learning, do a lot wrong, often marvel when something goes to plan, and laugh at myself..alot! Sometimes when I get things right I take the plunge & share them or gift them to others.

Through putting a few pieces on show at my venue, to give visitors ideas & inspiration, I started to get asked if my pieces could be bought or if I could make something similar for them. I am still so surprised and also very honoured when this happens. Through their encouragement, enthusiasm and also the massive support of family and friends I decided to use lockdowns to see how things developed – it also gave me something to do and focus on!

I am often asked why the name ‘Studio13cats’ – Its none other than finding a name that was available across so many platforms and linking it to something I already had. I definitely don’t have 13 cats.  I do have 1 called Loki, (sadly we lost Winston) who often keeps me company in my studio! 😸


The perfect, simple, yet beautifully quirky character to gift to you BFF, a loved one or you.


The Messengers

Show someone your thoughts by sending a personalised message, written on a scroll hidden in your choosen Messenger.


I paint for the enjoyment.  I love the process and look forward to the outcome!



A daily dose is good for you!

Custom Requests

If, having looked around my site, you can’t find a Buddie with the right message, a Messenger not in the right shade or hat style then pop me a request and I will see what I can do to help.

I Deliver and Ship all over the Country!

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