I was a little bored so drew a llama, then for some reason I added a jumper.  I so loved the look, I did it again.

Before I knew it I had a little herd! Which was great but what next.

I figured put one on a hoodie, so I did.

Family & friends admired it and wanted one – how crazy is that.  So then I needed a name & somewhere to sell them.

I started with llama jumper – a little too ordinary. I wanted something more fun, & quirky; I felt the llama’s deserved it.

Any name needed to be relevant and give opportunity for growth. Out jumped yama glama.

Why yama glama? just a bit of fun, play on words, with a hint of creativity; seemingly the correct way to say llama is “yama” and “glama” is the scientific name for llama. Join them together; yama glama!

I just love it and apparently so does everyone else.

I’m no longer bored, I’m busy!


Founder of  yama glama

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